About Tutto Delizioso

Tutto Delizioso was born out of a love for Prosecco and Italian food. Founded in 2017 with the intention of serving delicious beverages as well as tapas, cheese and even sweets from our beautiful cart. We tailor our packages to suit the client and so our service is perfect for weddings, christenings, birthday parties, baby showers etc. Our cart can even be tailored to suit your theme! We wanted to provide something a bit different and so we decided to serve Prosecco chilled from the bottle. Most vans, carts and tricycles that offer a similar service to ours serve from the keg. However, legally this cannot be called Prosecco as according to EU law and the Italian makers of the beverage, it can only be called by its name if it’s produced and transported in a bottle from a certain region of Italy. So you can be assured that when you book with us, you’re getting the real deal! We also wanted to go a step further and add Italian tapas and Cheese to our menu as nothing compliments a fine glass of Prosecco more than a Caprese Skewer or a delicious Bruschetta bite (more details about our food on our Packages Page).

We cover the North West, however if you are from further afield and would like to book with us, simply send us a message and we will do our best to accommodate you.

You can also ‘dry hire’ our cart for a small fee. Please message us about this.

We hope to serve you at your event soon!